Secondary Schools

Secondary Schools

It’s tough being a secondary school pupil. Sometimes students need a break from the ‘same old’ in order to stay focused and get a confidence boost to rekindle motivation. Hands-on, exhilarating and unique; our school incursions circus program can be just what’s needed to make your students’ day.

Our programs are hardwired to leave a lasting positive impression, so that pupils feel the benefit in all aspects of their learning endeavours. Beyond this, we have services designed to specifically complement your PE, science and performing arts curricula.

The majority of our programs are delivered in schools. But as an alternative, or to continue building your students’ skills, groups are invited to our fully equipped circus studio. From trapeze to tight wire, it’s a fantastic way of encouraging students to come out of their comfort zone.

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Secondary Schools


year 7 & 8 circus

From juggling through to stilts - and an amazing array of floor and other activities, this is your students’ chance to widen their experience of physical activity. With an emphasis on inclusivity and hands-on interaction, it’s the perfect complement to traditional sports and activities. Students can also learn the value of teamwork, perseverance and the pursuit of individual goals.

year 7 science forces

This workshop takes the subject of forces, using hands-on elements of circus activities to really bring the experience to life.

Australian Curriculum - Physical Sciences (key areas covered in the program):

Change to an object’s motion is caused by unbalanced forces acting on the object (ACSSU117);
Earth’s gravity pulls objects towards the centre of the Earth (ACSSU118).

year 9 circus

A circus class for kids at this age is the perfect way to give your Year 9 students a positive physical outlet, to encourage teamwork and to foster group cohesion. Add a performance element to the mix and it also gives them a valuable end-goal as well as ownership of the experience.

year 12 juggling

You don’t need us to tell you that your Year 12 students have a lot going on! Our juggling package is designed to provide the perfect time out - at the same time as improving focus and concentration. There’s also the opportunity to explore the science of juggling, showing pupils that it’s well worth keeping up as a means of relaxation - and as lifelong skill for helping the brain get into gear.

Features & Benefits


Bring your school community together, and impress your parents like never before with our Circus Concerts!

“It was an absolutely wonderful experience for the students, parents and staff. One we will never forget.It was so rewarding to watch the students' efforts along with their broad smiles. They were so, so proud of their achievements and accomplishments!. The performance was well timed, choreographed, glittering costumes and disciplined. The students knew what to do and it was wonderful to see the continued support offered by the trainers throughout the show. The night was a huge success, and I knew that it would be well received and appreciated by everyone once they saw the finished product.”

Gayle Cope, Principal, Wattle Park Primary School

“The parents were astounded and blown away! They were particularly impressed that all the children were "stars" and they all had the opportunity to shine.”

Julie Wilkinson, Principal, Solway Primary School

“As the Performing Arts Co-ordinator, I was extremely happy with the way Little Devils worked in with the school. Our communication was clear and the concert ran smoothly with fantastic parent feedback. Our best Concert Ever. Thank You!”

Kingswood Primary School

“This week at our Transition program for the new prep students who are to join our school next year, there was a little fellow who was reluctant and reticent. One of our year 5 students- Juan pulled out three of his own juggling balls and proceeded to entertain him and bring a smile to that little ones face! So the skills will live on – not just for a one off school performance.”

Gayle Cope, Principal, Wattle Park Primary School

“Thanks for the whole Little Devils experience. The trainer was FANTASTIC and had great rapport with the students. They were very skilled in their teaching throughout, extremely well organised, and we would love to do it all again next year!”

Sandringham Primary School