Corporate Circus

Circus team building: Because when you need a break from the rat race, it’s time for the circus...

We’re not experts at juggling spreadsheets. And when we talk about “keeping the plates spinning”, we usually mean actual plates. But we do know what truly memorable and fun team building is all about, and boy do our results speak volumes to how much circus skills can bring a team together. 

Our highly experienced crew offers juggling classes and circus team building skills sessions delivered in your place of work. Or for an away day with a difference, a field trip to our fully-equipped Melbourne studio is an unforgettable experience.

Inclusive, fun and exhilarating, these very special indoor team building activities are designed to breathe new life into your team and get those creative juices flowing! Whether you’re wanting to spice up your Christmas party, or want to get serious about opening your team up creatively and building resilience in a completely new way, explore our packages to find out more.

“I asked our team what they took from the juggling workshop. The answers were: Working closely as a team produces results, remember to break down tasks into manageable chunks, ask for support, and work together.”

KCCC Kensington