Circus Forces

Circus Forces

The Circus Crew is proud to offer a range of science incursions with a difference. Physics comes to life in this interactive approach to exploring forces in the context of the circus

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Circus Forces


physical sciences

Led by our experienced team, circus themed classroom activities are linked directly to the curriculum. This program covers the Grade 4 Science unit on forces. It can also be a useful way to give your Grade 3 pupils a gentle introduction to this topic - or as a refresher for older pupils.

Key concepts:

  • Forces can push, pull or twist objects
  • Balanced and unbalanced forces
  • Contact and non-contact forces
  • Force can be used to change the speed of an object, change its direction or shape
  • Friction and gravity

Australian Curriculum:
Physical sciences (ACSSU076)
Forces can be exerted by one object on another through direct contact or from a distance.

•  observing qualitatively how speed is affected by the size of a force
•  exploring how non-contact forces are similar to contact forces in terms of objects pushing and pulling another object
•  comparing and contrasting the effect of friction on different surfaces
•  investigating the effect of forces on the behaviour of an object through actions such as throwing, dropping, bouncing and rolling

Supporting materials are supplied, allowing the teachers to assess students’ understanding of the concepts.

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“Thanks for the whole Little Devils experience. The trainer was FANTASTIC and had great rapport with the students. They were very skilled in their teaching throughout, extremely well organised, and we would love to do it all again next year!”

Sandringham Primary School

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Julie Wilkinson, Principal, Solway Primary School

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Gayle Cope, Principal, Wattle Park Primary School